“Thanks to Marketalia we have achieved a significant improvement in the results, investing the same quantity of money. Besides, we have increased the number of visits, more qualified to our website and have obtained drastic cuts in our CPC. What is even more relevant, in the last few months, despite we have been forced to reduce our investment in SEM, Marketalia has managed to establish an order of priorities that have helped us to maintain excellent results”. Evan Eduardo Bodelón

Marketing Director, MMC Spain Automobiles, S. A., Mitsubishi Motors

“Marketalia means communication, understanding and a proactive adaptation of every situation you have to deal with.We have been working together for a long time and I consider Marketalia not only a marketing consulting agency but also a partner”. Cristina Álvarez

Sales and Marketing Director, Instituto de Directivos de Empresa. IDE – CESEM

“Thanks Marketalia.
Thank you for your professional assistant during the last few years and also thanks for accomplishing not only an important increase in our database and in the number of visitors with your support in SEO, but also for making possible the value and identity of our brand on the Internet. Thank you for your daily feedback about how we can be better and also for your fastest and efficient execution in all the projects where we have work together». Fernando Giménez

CEO of WashTec Spain SAU

“Marketalia has been and will be a perfect ally thanks to a very qualified and professional human team. Working with them you can feel a good work environment and this is one of the most outstanding attributes. Thanks to Marketalia we have developed the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies which have allowed us to accomplish our goals in less time than expected. Its knowledge on the marketing field allows them to maximize benefits, taking into account the investment you can afford. The fluid and regular communications with the agency will provide you security and control over the different actions they develop. Besides, their personal attention and the humanize treatment always give a great additional value”. Asier Olaizola Bermejo

CEO of Aficionarts Asociación.